A Combine That Learns From You
19 Dec 232 min 14 sec

Lee Lubbers is back in the Fendt Ideal 8T to demonstrate the Ideal Harvest  integration, including the automatic adjustments made by the combine to maintain maximum efficiency and ensure the best grain quality.

00:00 Hey everybody, it's Lee Lubers Extreme Ag with another update. Here I am loading on the go at six bushels a second, 00:07 which totally blows me away, but it's not the only thing that blows me away. The ideal Harvest app 00:12 that's integrated into the combine, absolutely love it. What we did is we took 15 to 20 minutes on our first corn field 00:23 and calibrated off of our grain cart scale, went and set our samples, threw down sample checks, no corn in the ground. 00:32 We were, everything was clean. And then once we had it calibrated to where, what we wanted it for a sample 00:40 and maximized the efficiency, it's integrated into here, it essentially learned from us 00:46 what we were doing in our corn field in 15 to 20 minutes. Once that is learned, it's good for every field. 00:54 As long as you're running this combine. Once you set it for corn, it is set. And then basically I take the propulsion handle on each 01:02 pass, move it over for approximately two seconds, and we get a green check marked right there. Once we do that, everything is automatic. 01:13 It will set rotor speed. If it needs to change it by five RPM, it will, if it has to tweak the bottom sieve, it will tweak. 01:21 Top sieve anything. Everything will be totally automated and for a hundred percent efficiency. 01:29 And the best grain sample, the sweet spot is right here. And that's what we're doing is set it 01:34 right in the sweet spot. That's where we want it to be, a hundred percent. So now we're at max efficiency. 01:41 We're running five and a half mile an hour, and right now the corn's about one 60 here on this ridge. We're still running at, when it's running one 90. 01:52 So everything is automated. It's great. I love it. It's, uh, simple to set up. And it's more advanced than anything we've ever ran 02:02 because we now, we have our machine running at a hundred percent efficiency. We've never been able to do that before.

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