A 40 Acre Mistake
2 Jun 233 min 11 sec

It happens. Layne talks about a 40 acre mistake he made last week. He guarantees it won't happen again but if it does, he will be sure to tell us.

00:00 Today's a little bit of a different day. I'm gonna show you something today that, that most people would kind of wanna cry about, 00:07 but you gotta laugh about it. We'll show you something today that, that really you don't want everybody to know, but that's what we're here to do. 00:15 We, we show all of our good stuff, but we gotta show our bad stuff too. Well, not everything goes right. As you can see behind me, uh, 00:22 we are in a very sensitive area as far as I've got rice over here, rice over here. I've got e three beans north of me. We've got rice north of me. 00:31 In between all this, we're in a buffer zone for, for dicamba. So we decided we would go to be able to keep our yield potential. 00:40 We would go to x extend flex beans. They gave us our liberty option. During that whole conversation, me and dad were talking, you know, 00:49 we are wide open and trying to plant beans as fast as we can. And last 40 acres we run outta beans. And I said, all right, 00:57 go put this bean in there and we'll start planting it. Finish it up. Be great. Planted a box of beans. That was not liberty. 01:08 Everything was great until we, we decided it was time to lay these beans by, uh, laid the bi the beans by. 01:15 This has been about two days now from where we're standing, laid the beans by with liberty, and me and dad were up checking rice yesterday. 01:23 And I got a text message and this is what I got a picture of. So, as you can imagine, I was, I was shaking, I was about ready to throw up. 01:33 I think I had done called Chad at that point and asked him if he needed a farm manager. Uh, tried to call Temple to see if he needed one too. 01:39 I'd line me up a job. And I'm telling you, I was about in tears, but the reaction I got was, was, well son sound like we gotta go replant beans. 01:50 I said, huh? He said, we screwed up. We gotta go replant beans. I didn't get the reactions that I thought I was gonna get. I got compassion and, 02:00 and I got my dad. I didn't get my, my working partner. Well, we had to, we had to come up with a plan. We had to come up with a plan pretty quick. 02:07 Immediately we went and got some extend flex beans if, where we can spray liberty on these beans immediately come in here and replant 'em. So at that point, this bean here goes from being a, 02:20 a, a normal production bean to a weed. So these may not die a hundred percent, but if they live, they wouldn't be worth a crap. 02:28 So we may have to come up here and out here and put another application of liberty on Xtend, flex beans, liberty on Xtend flex beans, 02:37 and end up with probably 20 bushels less here than we do have here. So guys, we're gonna make as much lemonade. We might make a half a gallon and a gallon over here, 02:50 but we're gonna make as much lemonade out of these lemons as we can. And there is one thing I'm never gonna say never, 02:57 but I will do my best and I hope that I never do this again. If I do, I'll let you know.

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