Unlocking Fertility In Your Wheat

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18 Jul 236 min 22 secPremium Content

Temple is cutting the last bit of one of the best wheat crops he has seen on his farm. He talks about his program, changes he has made and what he thinks really worked well this season.

Here we are, live from the Combine cab. I'm start acting like Damien Mason. Well, alright guys, it's week Wager 2023. Everybody's probably, especially Matt, he usually gets mad because I'm so far behind, you know, I'm under managed, understaffed something. I don't know. Um, but here we are, you know, we're sitting on a, probably one of the best wheat crops that we ever had. It's a little down here, but this is the latest field that we gotta do. Um, so I can go ahead and I can make a video. Now. We're, we're doing pretty good. Uh, uh, I'm excited about it, but, you know, we're not gonna talk trash on each other anymore. We're gonna let the numbers talk, I guess. You know, they might have made a mistake. They let, they let in the, you know, the peons and the, uh, the affiliates go ahead and play the game with 'em. So we're part of the wheat wager this year. So, um, we really good. I'll give you a sneak peek. Uh, yep. That's all I'm gonna give you. So it's, it's been good. But let's talk about what we learned. So we're gonna start at the beginning. You know, the infer program that we have on corn, we figured that might work on, on wheat as well. So we kind of changed it up a little bit. You know, there's, there's, there's not, we don't have an in for our program for week, but there's always a, where there's a wheel, there's a way, right? So we waited till the plant came up and we put pre ax or on it over the top soon as it came up cuz we're trying to make that disease free plant, right? So, you know, we always make sure there's fungicide on our corn if we plant in the cool wet soil, but we're not gonna do it on a grass crop like we, yeah, that's a mistake. Now, see, one of the things that happens is, is you know, when you're over, whether it's beans or corn, hits the dirt and it has disease and it lays on the ground and it's, you know, when you start to get a rain, it splashes onto that wheat plant. So immediately when you put that crop in the ground, it first comes up, it's getting some type of disease on it. So we have been changing that. So we've been putting a fungicide on there. One of the other things is that we used, uh, we used Nutra charge, um, at that same time, uh, with a little bit of fertility. Now why did we do that? Because that, we know that in furrow on corn, um, it works really, really well. So what, what does that do for us? So Nutra charge gets energy into the plant by uptaking more phosphorus. So we get a little more phosphorus outta soil, make every ounce count in the, um, the fertility that we're putting out there. And we're also stabilizing nitrogen. So, you know, there's our results. So we, we, we know it works on corn, we wanna prove it on wheat, and we've proved it on week. So last year, not this year, the year before last, I used it just in furrow, saw dramatic differences in it. So this year, you know, we did what we, we followed our program that we worked in corn, where we did our side dress, pay us with it as well. So we did it with side dress as well. Boom, there it goes. It happens again and it works again. So, um, we're spoonfeeding this crop and what we're finding out we're spoonfeeding crops. As all everybody knows, we can get the right nutrients into that plant at the right time. Well, not only can we do that, we can also spoonfeed, you know, a phosphorous efficiency agent like that. And when we do that, we can kind of little bit at a time unlock that, that bank of fertility that we have in the ground and get it up into the plant because, you know, we're just selling nutrients in a different package. You know, we put nutrients down, we bank it out there in our ground and we build it into a seed, and then we sell them. Um, so, and then we take that stove or we break it back down and we get it back into the plan again for the next year. So some of the new things that we did, we used the Pan Air Stream tips, and we worked really, really well. I've been using stream tips for a long, long time, and we made three different passes this year on our weed ground. And every time that we did that, we used our stream pass, our pan air stream bars. We went back in there and we put Nutri charge in there with like a 28, 0 0 5. We ate it, you know, sea cat sugar, you know, we're trying to drive energy in there. So we're learning all these things. One of the other things that we're doing this year that we think made a huge difference, you know, we're gonna follow the Corn Program grass on, you know, it's a grass crop, right? So Chad and I, um, did a lot of work last year with doing some late season fertility pgs, um, and some fertility micronutrients and that such, um, really, really late season during, um, grain fill. Well, I did it again this year. We did it on wheat, and I think that it was a huge success. We've, we've just, we're just getting better. But the secret is, I think maybe is learning exactly which ones need to go in there, you know, and all the pgs that we're using, you know, we used PGS all year long. So we used PR a PGR in the fall right after it came up. We used, you know, we used Mega Grow. We came right back when, um, our first pass in the, in the spring, you know, when we used our, our herbicide pay Us, we had Herb, we had a PGR in there as well. We had Mega Grow in there as well. And in our late season pays, you know, we, you know, when we're into reproductive, we changed them as well. You know, we went to a different pgr. But every time that we're learning is every time that we hit 'em with a pgr, we, we create such a reaction. And you kind of, for lack of better terms, kick the plan in the butt. Well, when you kick the Plan in the butt, you gotta be ready to, to fulfill what you've asked it to do. So we're finding that this systematic approach thing is really working. So welcome to the Wheat Wager boys. I hope we all do well. I, I hope the peons and the affiliates drag the owner's butts. But we'll see soon. See y'all.

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