Sending These Into Hypermode
3 Jul 231 min 16 sec

Temple talks about the Lab he is doing with AgroLiquid on his beans. He likes what he sees, but he’s about to #sendit with his next foliar application.

00:00 So this is one of our agri liquid labs that we're doing on soybeans. So at our field day on August 22nd, you'll get to see both of 'em. 00:07 So we did a lab with soybeans and we're doing a lab with corn. Pretty impressed with the beans. Now I didn't, 00:13 I didn't plant these beans very thick. You know, this is irrigated ground. I like 'em a little bit thinner on irrigation, 00:18 trying to get 'em to branch out as much as possible. I told 'em what we did in the past and they kind of stayed in that area where I wanted to be. You know, they understand the fertility, 00:27 they understand what I'm after. I want high yields and I wanna see if I can make their program work for me on our irrigated acres. It's a pretty big program. Maybe not for everybody, 00:36 but we have another program out here that is a step or two down from the full out send it version. I can't really tell a lot of difference in the, 00:45 in either one of 'em. They both look pretty good. I think our average population on this stand wise is about 77 to 78,000 plants per acre, and it's 15 inch beans. Pretty happy with that. 00:55 It looks a little thin, but that don't bother me a whole lot. They're simulated pretty decent. They're branching tremendously. 01:02 You know where we're at right now, we're getting ready to make another pass on 'em for a foliar pass. So can't wait to see what happens after that. 01:09 And I'm about to send these things into hyper mode.

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