We are heading right into a heat stress event

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17 Aug 232 min 59 secPremium Content

As temperatures are predicted to climb into the upper 90's and heat indexes expected in the 100's next week, Kevin is loading up the sprayer and taking it to the field with an mix of


 Pacesetter and Haven products in an effort to protect his crop. He talks about the details, rates he is using and what he hopes to find out from this very real world test of 2 products that promise crop protection. Stay-tuned for the results.

Spring Mag report here from the sprayer today, folks, um, seems like it's more our, in this thing this time of year. We got some pretty good e coming in, um, towards the end of the week and next week. But the biggest issue is we do not have any rain in forecast and that's, we've been really blessed with rain this year. So this is gonna be our first stress event that we've had here in, uh, the river Valley here in North Carolina where we farm at. So our pacesetter and our haven are two products. Pacesetter is really just to help the stress the plant. Um, it's almost like a bio fungicide, but it really is good at reproduction time, just just at the beginning or early stages of it to help maintain those kernels and build test we and add obviously yield to it. The haven helps the plant metabolize and handle the heat stress so much better. Now. We've used this for a couple years and while, um, it's a timing issue and you know, just so happened right now I'm in a position that, um, I can put some s corn and get some real good trial inflammation. So I'm running 12 ounces of pacesetter and I'm running 12 ounces of haven and, and then I'm running the adjuvant as well with drift control just to help force it down into that, uh, penetrating and force it down into that deep canopy, that corn drop. We're also tomorrow gonna do some on some soybeans. So we're going to have some trials on corn and soybeans both, um, again to see, 'cause this is the perfect scenario. This type, all the years I've tested it, I've not been able to get all the stars and stripes to line up to a really true stress event and we'll be going into it next week as well as most of the United States. So, um, there are a lot of tools in the toolbox out there that we can use to really increase these yields and, you know, you need to get out there and try. So as you can tell, this is, uh, where we're applying to the, the pacesetter and the haven on this field. This, um, this section right here is, uh, 80 acres in this section is about the two right at 300 in this, this section altogether, uh, that you can see. But we got one variety here. I'm going to do 30 acres in this variety that, that's actually Danielle's N C G A. So I, you know, if you go get beat, might as well get beat by one of these kids. Um, then the other side of the field is going to be a different variety. That, and I will do 20 acres out of that 40 acres there. So I have 50 acres right here, treated in two different scenarios. I'm gonna be interested to see how it does, let's get ready for the.

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