22 Jun 233 min 3 sec

After taking the disc to it, Kevin continues to prepares his replant field with the land plane.

00:00 So we're here today. I told you guys and ladies earlier that we would, uh, in the previous video that I would let you see where we're running the land 00:07 plane and what it looks like. It's kinda like a huge box blade, but it's uh, this is a arts way land plane. It's used, uh, primarily it's built for, 00:16 uh, cranberry patties. My understanding, we've bought this thing several years ago. Um, we had a bad flood and we had a bunch of dirt that had to be moved. 00:25 And so we ordered it and it come in and it does a phenomenal job, 24 foot wide. Uh, we pull it with 79 20 tractor. It can be a load on the tractor. 00:34 It handles it quite well. So you can kind of see the field right here, see where we're going, and dumping the, dumping the dirt right there. 00:43 And that hole is drowning out. This right here is the channel where the, uh, flood the creek. When it come through the water, it actually, um, 00:53 channeled over to the main creek from the ditch. And, um, We're filling that in. It don't take a whole lot. 01:00 This thing drags a tremendous amount of dirt. So we pulled this side ditch back out. That's just to help get the water. And we normally have this field crowned up in the middle, but again, 01:11 the flood has sort of took us away from it. You can kind of see it back there. See all the dirt is pulling up. Now we're getting right here. 01:22 We're going getting into the hole. We're just going to start building this back in and dump it right out. 01:29 We're just gonna go around and around like that and build the center of this field back up. And uh, 01:37 then after we get done with that, we'll put it on, uh, straight track and we will run it just like, um, just like we're going to plant it and it'll be smooth as it can be. 01:51 You can kind of see the way this thing's designed. It's like a big box blade except, uh, the three point h you have it on floats. You control everything with your outlet, your remote outlet. And uh, 02:04 these tail wheels are real far behind and it just, man, it will make it perfectly leveled. It's 02:10 Just amazing how much dirt you can move. You can see right here, this sand where it washed in. 02:21 It's getting it back into the hole. I don't know if you can see the hole, but I can, I know where it is. It's kind of like straight right in front of us. 02:29 Do you can see, We'll just take it down about six to eight inches right out here, put That dirt right back where it belongs, and then, uh, 02:37 maybe we won't have to replant anymore. So this is just something we gotta do Sometimes I'd love to be running the corn planter right now and get this replanted and rolled on, 02:48 but done planted it once this year. Might as well take the time to get it right while it's good and dry. But uh, again, that's just part of 02:56 What we do at Extreme A. Y'all stay safe. You have any questions, give us a call.

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