Does It Make Richie's Life Better?
24 Jun 232 min 29 sec

Kelly and his sprayer operator, Richie Malone, have been using the new

PinPoint 2

 precision spray system from CapstanAg this season.  Does it make Richie's Life Better?

00:00 I'm here in the sprayer cab with Richie. You should probably not call him Richie, though. You should call him Tough Acres because according to him, 00:09 it doesn't matter if we're planting and combining are spraying, he's gotta do the tough acres. That's right. 00:14 And today the other sprayers broken down. So right now, instead of calling him Tough Acres, we can probably call him all the acres. There you go. 00:21 But we're out here spraying beans and we've got the Pinpoint two system from capstan Ag on this sprayer. 00:27 And the question for Richie is how does the Pinpoint two system make life better for you as a sprayer operator? 00:35 What are the positive differences in mix? When you go through a ditch, it blocks on rate, it holds rate, and it just stays right there. 00:42 Your pressure don't drop and fluctuate all over and Speed isn't as important. You can slow down and Maintain rate. 00:48 Like right now we're going through a ditch and we're gonna slow down here and We're definitely in some tougher acres today. Yeah. 00:55 And then, uh, the other systems that we've had on our other sprayers where the wire goes into the, uh, valve on the boom, there's a connection there and, 01:06 uh, if that connection gets wet, it causes corrosion and it ate up the, uh, the other systems. It ate up the nozzle body, uh, wiring harness and stuff. 01:16 And this one here don't have that. This one here's all sealed up Right. 01:20 And ready to go. And we, uh, the longevity of this system appears to be Better. Yeah. And then, uh, yeah, we have a presetting here now. 01:28 My outside five nozzles spray 5% more. And you know, if there's heavy weed pressure on the outside, I run that setting and then when I'm done, I get moved into inside of the field, 01:39 I go back to my preset one and it turns it all back to the regular spraying. All, all the nozzles will be spraying evenly. 01:45 You can up the rate a little bit in a high pressure area Yep. With your weeds. Yeah. That's great. When we call, have problems. 01:51 We talked to Brian, our salesman. He's, he's pretty good. He, he gets right back with me if I have any problems and he does what he can to 01:57 help us. It's, it's really good. Brian's great at helping install the system, be it on a sprayer planter. He's not very good at playing cards at mount. 02:05 Six tens never wins. Six Tens never wins. But when it comes to running these system, the, the relationship with capstan and the service and the technical support they sur 02:15 provide has Been really good. Yeah. Brian's great. Yep. Everybody at Capstan has been great. You really don't have a bad thing to say. 02:22 No, I don't think so. Alright. Thank you.

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