20 Feb 20

XtremeAG was not created on impulse. It's the product of our combined decades of hard work, hardship, success...and a single conversation. That conversation, years ago, led to rewarding friendships, networking and eventually...XtremeAg.farm.

Over time, we realized it didn't matter whether you were farming on the fringe, in the heart of the corn belt, or ringing the bell with championship corn and soybean yields in the middle of rice and cotton country. There was one recurring theme...we all had a thirst for knowledge.

It's only knowledge if that knowledge is shared. Let me tell you a story that made us realize just that.

Through the years, as we talked and networked more, we met Steve Albrecht. Steve, one of the most innovative growers in the country, shared our thirst for knowledge. He farmed outside Hart, TX setting record after record with stellar yields in the harsh northwest Texas environment. If you met Steve once, you never forgot him. He loved what he did and generously shared his time and knowledge with other producers.

Steve passed away unexpectedly in the Spring of 2017. We were heavy hearted with the loss.  His passing was also a wake-up call for all us who knew him. We were all just starting to share more openly as peers. Suddenly one of the most innovative producers in the country was lost. There was both the void of not being able to talk with Steve and the void of his knowledge. That summer when we all met in person, as we talked about it, we realized it is truly only knowledge if it is shared...otherwise it's a secret.

We all know and understand that the world of agriculture is competitive. Yet, the one thing I have noticed in my life is that people who are truly happy and successful look beyond themselves. Our goal through XtremeAG.farm is to take away the veil of secrecy so we can all benefit. The evolution of Profit Partners community will include video tutorials, podcasts, webinars, and interviews to help everyone involved improve every aspect of their farm to maximize profit. We'll go beyond production into the other aspects of success. It's all part of the journey...Are you ready?

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