15 Jul 231 min 33 sec

Farming is often about managing timing and windows of opportunity. Chad discusses how he uses Pivot Bio Proven 40 to help him manage a field that is difficult to access.

00:00 This Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag. So this farm is 25 miles away from home. It's across the river, so it's kind of difficult to get to. 00:07 It ain't just a 25 miles, it's kind of difficult to get to. So we really, really, 00:11 really capitalize on a product like Pivot Bio here on this farm because I treat this with urea to start with about 50 pounds. 00:20 And then I come back and run my regular planter mix and I put my pivot, bio furrow. 00:24 Well then when I use it here is I'm gonna come back and I let the plane spray put out my dry fertilizer over the top so I didn't get to wide drop it. 00:33 So then I'm worried about that window. You know, one, my plane surface does a great job. You can see here they've done a great job. Um, but the deal is, is that I can't always, the timing is, 00:45 is the key on a corn crop. And so this allows that window to get really wide on my arrow application, whether I'm hunting a rain, you know, 00:54 because when I spread that your wrist not just, Hey, let's go get it, we're down here, we're looking for a rain event. 00:59 I wanna run it in front of that where I, I don't have as much volatility as I would have. So that's, that's where we're seeing it really shine at is where we can get in them nooks 01:08 and crannies of a farming operation and a crop and say like, Hey, I need it here and use this tool out toolbox in this application to get me that 01:17 wider window to hunt that rain. But I know that I got that nitrate in a plant cuz we know that and it's running in a plant, it's running through it. 01:24 One application the way we use Pivot Bio and we really like the way it performs here. Thank you.

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