Stress Relief On Wheels
14 Sep 231 min 51 sec

When crops experience water stress their ability to absorb nutrients and perform essential physiological functions becomes compromised. Kelly found a mobile irrigation solution with the help of NutraDrip.

00:00 Hey everybody, Kelly and Vern coming to you here from one of our irrigated fields. We've got our trailer running here in the background. 00:06 This is kind of a unique scenario. Instead of using electricity to run this, there's a hundred horse diesel motor on this trailer that runs this three inch 00:14 pump, sucks the water out of this watershed dam. Uh, this is great water compared to our well water and we make a lot of videos at extreme ag talking about stress mitigation. 00:25 I don't know that there's a better stress mitigation product than water and specifically the surface water. 00:31 We move this trailer around irrigated total of 120 acres. We, we move it every 48 hours and in 48 hours it puts an inch of water 00:39 on these fields. So if you can imagine a, a field getting an inch every week, that's what we're doing down over here. 00:46 I know where the line is between irrigated and non irrigated. We can't get it to pick up on the camera, but I'm telling you, 00:51 I can see the line between Dry Land and irrigation right over here, which isn't surprising based on the a hundred degree temperatures we've had for 00:58 the last five or six days. Uh, today's a little cooler. Everybody's relaxed a little bit, but we're still supplying moisture. And like You said, 01:05 it's just gonna mitigate so much of that stress from the high heat and drought conditions that we could get into. Uh, years before. 01:12 We've seen a 50 bushel difference between that dry light of irrigated. I think this year we could see an even bigger that's 01:17 Of record for us. When you see that leaf roll up, what it's really doing is it's trying to trap it, the moisture from escaping, trying to hold it into the leaf. And uh, 01:26 we don't see that as bad on these irrigated acres because we're supplying that water and the plants not is worried about, they're 01:32 Not outta moisture. They've got an unlimited supply. Right? And we can't mitigate all of that stress because we do have high humidity and 01:38 that's preventing the plant from transpiring all the way it once to. But I mean, we're stopping a lot of the stress out here and uh, that's pretty cool.

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