The Corn Seems To Be Sucking It Up
21 Jul 232 min 37 sec

Temple gives an update on a trial he is conducting for Stoller USA on some of his dry land corn.

00:00 So I'm not really sure why I'm here today. You know, uh, Stoler asked me to do, uh, a trial for them and I'm here. I am, I'm doing it. 00:08 So I'm not really a corn guy. I'm kind of a bean guy, but I'm gonna do the corn one for you and we'll see how we fan. We, we kind of fair out the corn looks tremendous. Um, 00:19 this is actually normal production for us. So not crazy fertility, not crazy anything. This is not send it at all. 00:29 Sorry Chad Henderson. It's not a send it plot. This is just normal production. This is on one of my son's farms. Uh, we decide to put it down here. 00:37 It's decent ground, it's not crazy good ground, but it's not trash either. Um, not irrigated. This is dry land. 00:44 So we decided it would be a good place for it because one of the products that we're using is Fortified Stimulant. 00:51 So Fortified Stimulant is a product that basically is a stress mitigator. And again, I've talked all year long about this stress mitigation portion. 01:00 We kind of felt like we were gonna have a lot of stress this year on our dry land. So I figured, you know what, what a better place to put it. 01:06 So that's where we put it at. It was that, and then it was also Harvest Plus. Harvest Plus is a, a pretty powerful micro pack. It's got zinc, manganese, 01:16 boron, which God knows Chad loves boron and sulfur, which we fight sulfur. We have to feed sulfur all year long. Everybody does little bits at a time. Same thing with boron. 01:27 Little bits at a time really help out. Manganese is really gonna help us with some of this. I mean, look, it's cloudy, overcast every day, but corn seems to be sucking it up. Um, 01:37 I tried to do a video of the side by side. I don't know that we can really see a lot versus my grower standard practice. Um, but I'm really tickled with what the way that this looks. 01:47 These plants are not under stress whatsoever. We, we just caught a little rain down here, but we haven't had rain down here on this farm in, uh, five and a half weeks. 01:56 And we just got it rain. So things look a lot better down here. But I'm really excited about these products from Stoler. Uh, 02:02 I worked with Stoler years and years ago. Used a lot of sugar mover, bio Forge, um, 02:07 all those products years ago and I was super excited about 'em then and I'm more excited about 'em now. So be back to you soon guys. 02:14 I'll give you a quick preview. I'll let you look down a row. Um, that's kind of what we're looking at. I mean, it looks pretty good. 02:21 I'm pretty excited, you know, everything's kind of clean and pretty. Um, can't wait to see what we yield. We'll be back to you soon. 02:29 Maybe I can show Heath Udra a thing or two about growing corn.

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