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Kelly talks about the 5-phase approach that he is taking in his


 trials this season.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg. I'm here with Aaron and Brent we're gonna talk about the AG Explorer lab that is 00:06 coming onto my Pharmacy season and why we're doing what we're doing the different products. It's a very involved lab. I'm excited to 00:12 learn about these products some of them. I'm familiar with some of them are new and these guys are going to share with you. Thank you 00:18 guys. So what we have conducted we call it's gonna be a lab. So what this lab is going to consist of is basically a 40 acre plot and we're gonna break it into certain different 00:28 segments. You think about it? When when we wake up in the morning, we don't go to the breakfast table and eat breakfast lunch and supper all in 00:37 one city. We like to break that out throughout the day same thing what we're gonna do through this crop plan. We're 00:43 gonna break it into different segments throughout the growing season and Brent's going to talk a little bit about these foundational 00:49 phases that we like to call establishment. Yep. So we have we have five phases that we like to go through so systems approach. So we're gonna start from the 00:59 beginning from combine to planner with our foundation. We're really gonna touch base a lot on our establishment phase getting that 01:05 seat up and out of the ground and they're really focus on the architectural phase which would be the vegetative stage when that plants determine yield and 01:11 then finish it off really heavy on a reproductive right there to finish the crap off. So without with 01:17 the labs we're gonna The full program and then on each one of the steps, we're gonna remove one of those systems so we can kind of look at everything and each 01:25 individual and I look at the full system so we can get a full Roi. So now we know why we're gonna do what we're gonna do. Let's talk 01:31 a little bit about the products Aaron what products are we going to use in the establishment face? So on the establishment phase we're going 01:37 to utilize products called adrenaline Octane and upward adrenaline is basically going to be a brand new product. It's got no nutritional value, 01:46 but it's a hundred percent technology driven Brett want to go a little bit deeper. Yeah, so it's three parts of that on on seed. So we're trying to capture two things. So we're 01:55 gonna we're gonna have something on our two by two situation. We're also have someone here on seat or on seat. Like Aaron said, it's completely technology driven. 02:01 So we're gonna have a full vic acid base. What's really going to be part of that? That's what's really gonna drive that plant nutrition and take any of 02:07 those nutritionals that are really close to that seat and driving in that plant. It also has a vitamin package to help with absorption. And then 02:14 we're also gonna have our intake technology to help mobile eyes and tradition wants to get inside that plant. 02:19 Paired with that as well. We have our octane product, which is a seven-way sugar product that also has some intake and carbon sources 02:25 in there to help absorption as well. Octane is a product. We've used on this Farm quite a few times works very well. Adrenaline is a product that 02:33 Gunther has talked about me many times. He's really excited about it, and I'm excited to finally get a try an upcoming videos. We'll talk about 02:39 the other phases and the products that are involved in there today. We wanted to start with the establishment phase and what we're leading up to that 02:45 planning time. Thank you.

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