2x2 Fungicide Trial
8 Jun 220 min 54 sec

Chad checks in to give us an update on the trial he is conducting with FMC's Xyway in the planter applied 2x2. 

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme Ag. And here. We are with the FMC trial so. 00:07 We're sitting on one side has has FMC on it. It's on this left side here my left and the right side don't have FMC on it. Obviously this year. We put put 00:16 the ziway in the tuba two, you know, they had a little over two with it last year, but we're working through that and working past it. So we're moving 00:25 forward. This was 15.8 ounces in the tuba two and we just gonna give you all update on where it sits and at any trouble obviously in the tuba too. 00:34 And this Corn's off and running good, but we'll keep you posted on where we get to what we're doing fungicides. 00:41 How strong the corn is on late season fungicide activity and we'll just be update but it's the starting 00:47 video and we often running stay tuned.

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