23 percent more Phosphorus in the plant
19 Jul 232 min 34 sec

Temple talks about the side-by-side trial he is conducting with Nutricharge Release in his 2x2. 

00:00 So here we are out here, we're trialing a new product, and I'm standing in the row, um, right here where, uh, the new product is Nutri Charge Release. So this, this specific product, 00:11 it's made a lot like Nutri Charge, but it's kind of like, um, Powerpack with some other stuff in it. So I'm pretty excited to, 00:18 to show you what I got today. So what what this is, is this goes in your two by two, right? So, uh, we can't put it in furrow. It's, it's too hot of a material, uh, for that, 00:30 but we can put it in our two by two and make our phosphorus a little more available. So here we are. So take a look. 00:37 That is where it was not applied. This is where it was applied. So you can see in this row right above me, you know, that's, 00:46 that's a pretty dramatic difference. Now you see out there, we've had some als damage on all this corn. Um, 00:54 we went through this a little bit this year. You know, the green striping that's over there. I don't know what that is. Maybe that's from chicken litter applied in the years previous where the corn 01:04 was just a little bit more healthy. So where it wasn't healthy and we didn't, you know, kind of drive that phosphorus in there and get a, 01:10 a good system established, you know, for lack of better terms, it's fair and way better over here than it is over here. 01:19 You know, you're really, we're kind of seeing the, all the bad points of all the bad things that we do. And here I can tell you, I do a lot of bad stuff. So anyway, that's what we got, you know, uh, 01:29 we did do our first round of tissue samples, uh, here about a week ago. And what we found with our tissue samples are, uh, 01:37 with the Nutri charge release, we have got about 23% more phosphorus in the plant. Um, more zinc, uh, it, it kind of follows pretty, 01:47 pretty much everything that we've seen so far. We're in that 17% to 23, 20 4% higher in pretty much everything. So right now, 01:59 I'm really excited about this. This is, that's a very simple solution for us, um, 02:04 to just be able to put that in the two by two and maybe not put it in furrow and then come back with, you know, regular nutri charge later on, um, 02:11 in our side dress. Cuz we saw tremendous results with that last year. And, uh, so that's some of our new hopes. So again, this could be some of our, 02:21 you know, grower standard practice. It looks like it's gonna be mine, you know, especially for eliminating some of the other problems that we go through. 02:28 See you guys soon.

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