17 May 231 min 8 sec

It's been a tricky spring so far in terms of the weather, but 23 days later Kelly has corn life.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett out here in our first planted cornfield. We planted this on April 11th and 12th. 00:06 It saw a lot of 23 degree nights, saw a lot of 35 degree days after planting. Uh, didn't emerge for about 23 days. I think the stand looks really good. 00:19 It was a little cold when we sprayed our pre camm pass. As you can see, some of the cover crop is still here, 00:25 but we'll clean that up in the post cam pass. Really happy with the stand of corn. It's in doing no small part to the Loveland products, 00:33 specifically radiate and accomplish Max and also sniper Lfr. The stress mitigation properties that accomplished Max helps us with the early 00:42 seal root development that Radiate helps us with. Really gets this crop off to a great start. We put sniper on every acre. Regardless it's corn, on corn or rotated corn. 00:51 We plant a lot of conventional corn now, or Roundup only corn just to play more offense if we will. And sniper is a grower standard practice for us. 00:59 Couldn't be happier with those three products. It's a way to go here.

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