2022 Results and Impressions: US Borax - Kevin Matthews
21 Dec 221 min 8 sec

Kevin Matthews discusses the

US Borax

trials he conducted this season. 

00:00 So us borax we got product from them. We've been using for every year since we started extreme AG product called solubore the first 00:09 year, I didn't use any um, and I've used it every year since my fear to start with was I ain't sure how good it's going to 00:17 the powder is going to go into my liquid nitrogen how it's going to mix and stir and I got a handle pallet so bags and things of that 00:26 nature and some I don't know about all that so they sent it to me and I got to use it and 00:32 It's crazy. I mean you dump a hundred pounds in. A 50 gallons of nitrogen in the inductor and and I got a little PVC 00:41 pipe and we'll Stir It Up a little bit and it just dissolves. I mean, it's this cool thing you ever seen how easy it dissolves 00:47 and but we use it as a grower standard now every time we're putting out nitrogen on corn and soybean. I'm recording wheat, excuse me. 00:56 We're putting that soluble in there that Boron is it's a great Boron product. It just works.

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