2022 Results and Impressions: Teva Corporation - Chad Henderson
21 Dec 221 min 19 sec

Chad Henderson discusses the

Teva Corporation trials he conducted this season. 

00:00 So this this chair Henderson with extreme mag y'all and here we are talking about products again. So right now we're gonna talk about Teva products is what 00:10 we're going is what we're gonna focus on, you know, oh Mark Coots and him over man. We've been running together a long time, you know 00:16 anywhere from buying Sugar by the pallet to buy and see cat by the by the bulk load if we can or you know, our accelerate products, you know, 00:25 or man, we just we've made it to normal. It's not that we don't do a lot of testing for Martin and it's just what we do, you know, we they have 00:34 some really good products can't say enough against about complex can't say enough about seek it, you know, 00:40 and these are simple products y'all that we can use every day in our programs, you know, and they ain't gonna break the bank the 00:46 sugar products are easy to use don't the tank don't know that, you know, just just milk good so We had real good luck with these things 00:55 and they're just part of our program. We don't really test them that much anymore. We may test particular timing events with them, 01:01 but that's what we use every day. Oh Mark does a good job explaining these things to you timings when you need them him and Caleb over there. They do 01:10 a lot of testing for me as well and look for some good products coming your way. Thank you.

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