2022 Results and Impressions: SprayTec - Kevin Matthews

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21 Dec 221 min 26 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the


trials he conducted this season. 

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KM - Spraytec

Got our spray Tech products in a little bit late this time, but we was able to use the full Tech Cube it seemed to do very well. We was Couldn't see much visual difference in it, though. That's one thing is that we've got noted here. Compatibility was great. Now with a full Tech Cube, you dropped your full Tech out because of the full Tech cubes. Obviously got full Tech in it. the full Tech adjuvant that we used It's got drift retarded. It's got penetrating effects. It's I mean It was probably it's probably in the top of the products I've ever used. To get the product into the plant. So we ended up we did some test with it and how about about three days later? I called Drew Ewing and I said man, I need some of this product. So we ended up using a lot of the full Tech in our spray. Just amazing the way we got the the drift control. We got into penetration it we got get spraying fungicide on corn way down deep into canopy it the product works it works. But anyhow, I'm looking forward to trying a lot of the other products. I got some great product out there. Just need to get some more experience with them.

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