2022 Results and Impressions: SprayTec - Kelly Garrett

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20 Dec 221 min 40 secPremium Content

Kelly Garrett discusses the


trials he conducted this season. 

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KG SprayTec

KG Spraytec2

Hi, this is Kelly gill from extreme egg. I would like to visit with you about a spray Tech trial comparison that we did. It's on their full tech line of products. We've always really liked here at Garrett Atlantic cattle the full Tech Ultra zinc. Because with the liquid byproduct that I spray from the feed industry, you know the product we call plant food. We always need zinc every time we spray zinc we get a we get an Roi. But working with Drew Ewing of spray Tech he very much encouraged us to use the full Tech impulse soy product instead of the ultra zinc. He thought we'd see a nice return over and above. So we you know, of course agreed to do that. And as usual Drew is right, we returned 14 bushel to the acre positive with the impulse soy over the ultra zinc. The cost of the treatment, you know, the impulse soy is about 90 cents an acre more than the ultra zinc. So not much 192 dollar an acre positive Roi an amazing thing, you know in this this is comparing two products from the same company, which is a little unusual, you know for a trial but you know, this just shows how spray Tech is really trying to help their customers and going forward the difference between Ultra zinc and impulse soy is impulse always just some more complete full your product and specifically what I mean when I say that is it has a very nice load of boron and potassium in it instead of just think And we were really happy with this of course and I can see impulse soy being a bigger part of our program next year.

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