2022 Results and Impressions: SoundAg Source - Lee Lubbers
21 Dec 222 min 9 sec

Lee Lubbers discusses the


trials he conducted this season with Source.

00:00 Hey everybody. This is Lee lubers extreme AG from greggie South Dakota this year. We tried a nitrogen 00:06 utilization product. called Source from sound agriculture and we held off and we thought we'd do 00:14 something different. You can apply it earlier full year of their own sprayers, or we could go VT. 00:21 and we decided to go VT on corn and these fields that we applied it on they were they were they were shown signs of drought corn was 00:33 rolling. They was looking kind of rough and it's like well, let's do it. Anyways, let's get this on the same way. We're gonna learn let's see 00:42 what it does during stress and we applied it by playing during VT and the fields it phenomenal in 00:51 the area that we put it on those two Fields smoked everything and meal large yield increase very encouragingly 01:00 left country trips ran lies and that in their maps and really liked what we saw. You just it just seemed 01:11 to click and it was our first experience with it. We did it on 550 Acres where definitely gonna look at expanding usage into 01:20 2023 do more trials do more strip trials. We're gonna do some earlier foliar, you know, we'll do some V4, maybe 01:29 some V8 and then we're also definitely going to do some VT passes again and in our area VT is not a common pass on 01:38 the corn and especially in throughout here. And so we're impressed What It Did Forest this year and we'll 01:47 be putting more on in 2023 and give it a go and open for the best and it gives us a good feeling after what we saw during this past year 01:59 in in a drought here. So stay tuned. We'll definitely be working with it more.

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