2022 Results and Impressions: SoundAg Source - Kevin Matthews
21 Dec 221 min 17 sec

Kevin Matthews discusses the


trials he conducted this season with Source.

00:00 so our source products from sound where you sound AG we got Source corn and we got Source soy beans and the source 00:09 soy is a product that's used foliar The Source corn is used foliar. 00:17 The the soybeans we we've seen some pretty good differences on to yield maps at the data. We're going to be sharing that shortly The 00:27 Source corn. I didn't get the product in time to hit it exactly when they say that it should be done. So I feel like I didn't 00:36 use it properly. But what I do know, is that both products? Had zero compatibility issues with other 00:45 products that I was putting out at the time so they work pretty well, but I just need I need I will feel better if I can get that exact time and that 00:54 their research has shown to be the best spot for their corn and their soybeans. So we we got your products a little bit late, but we made 01:03 them work, but we did try the soybeans on double crop soybeans and and we picked up some pretty good yield and I want to I need to replicate that.

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