2022 Results and Impressions: SoundAg Source - Kelly Garrett

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21 Dec 222 min 4 secPremium Content

Kelly Garrett discusses the


trials he conducted this season with Source.

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KG - SOund Ag

Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag. I'm here to visit with you about my trial with sound Agriculture and their product source that we added to my fungicide at tassel time in corn. Now this was a incredibly variable field, you know, a lot of elevation change which is typical of my ground here in Western, Iowa and overall The Source provided 24 bushel per acre. It was a 300 acre trial 250 Acres applied with Source 50 acres without we wanted to capture again all of the different variables that existed in this field and overall 24 bushel per acre, which is incredibly exciting, you know, we turn down the nitrogen 30 pounds. We added Source like 14 dollars an acre thirteen dollars and 50 cents an acre to be exact and It produced like I said 24 bushel. This trial date I have here in front of me is incredibly exciting. It's in a high yield area of in the field down in a draw. There's incredible fertility to soil the soil organic matter. The biology is really good right there. And it's 50 bushel, 49.7 bushel to be exact in a true side by side down in a low-lying area again highly fertile area. I feel like some people could cast a little doubt because of the huge numbers here, but I think this shows what the potential of our soil is in a high yielding no-till system healthy soil. It just really speaks to the ability of it the net return. Here's 321 huge return. you know in a in a lower yielding area of the field, you know on a ridge or a tough side Hill the yield gain went down to like seven or eight bushel. I get overall it was 24 but in a high yielding area, we return 50 bushel, and I it just speaks to the potential we've got there. We need to learn more about the soil so we can capture things like this and become more efficient with our input dollars.

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