2022 Results and Impressions: Pro Farm - Matt Miles

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21 Dec 222 min 34 secPremium Content

Matt Miles discusses the

Pro Farm

trials he conducted this season. 

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MM - Pro Farm

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Hi guys, this is Matt miles with extreme egg. Just giving you a report on our trial that we've done with my own bio moron balls. Got a couple of products that we've tested for the last couple of years Pacesetter and Haven. Last year, we didn't we didn't have wheat. So we did our test on soybeans and didn't really full season soybeans didn't really see a You know a positive or A negative either one it would just kind of kind of just you know neutral this year. We had wheat, so we were able to try it on wheat. We've heard a lot of good things about it on week and we ended up it's a six and a half ounce rate of pay center. And we I think we ran 13 ounces of Haven to go, you know with that ended up with a four bushel increase on wheat, which was pretty impressive to us. When you pick up four bushels on wheat crop, you know with just something that you piggy back with another application. We were pretty impressed with that cool thing is this year. We also did on soybeans but they were double crops soybeans we've had issues trying to get positive roles out of different photograph your applications with what we call Double crop or wheat beans and you know, it kind of showed out there. We got a three bushel increase on the soybeans. So if you know at 14 dollars That that's pretty easy to figure what the retire was on the investment did a lot of different trials this year with the double crop beans just you know, and and Marone bile was one of the few that showed a positive results. So if you're growing wheat with you know coming back with soybeans, this is a product you can actually use on both. It seems like on both crops and you know together we picked up seven bushels between the two crops. So we're pretty excited about what we've seen so we will definitely be going forward with this again next year. It will be a probably a grower standard practice on the wheat a lot of the other guys extreme AG seen positive Roi response last year and wheat, we didn't grow any so we got the positive response. You know that they got this year. So between what they got last year what all of us we got this year, you know, it's it's pretty proven product. So it'll be something that will definitely look at To use in our officer in our toolbox every year.

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