2022 Results and Impressions: Pro Farm - Kevin Matthews

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21 Dec 221 min 50 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the

Pro Farm

trials he conducted this season. 

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KM - Pro Farm

KM Pro Farm 2

The maroon bow we got a pace Setter trial. We got a Haven trial. On corn and soybeans and we actually also had Pacesetter on our wheat the wheat. Seemed to do pretty good. Two years in a row we've seen positive Returns on it. We have learned we need to drop that fungicide rate a little bit when we're using that paysetter. You just don't need as much fungicide. I do like that part save some money. corn it's the same way. I'm sitting here looking at my screen now at the results. We actually did 50 acre plots right here. And then we've actually bought more of that product and using across more of our acres to get a little better feel because we had good returns last year in 2020 one and now we've got good returns in 2022. So we'll probably use a little bit more Haven that is a stress mitigation product. We put it we target areas that we're going to put that product and I will I will tell you the stress mitigation products are really opening my eyes and this is the main thing we're doing is trying to get it to go through these real dry periods right before pollination and you can buy you a week 10 days of this stuff to get you through some pretty tight times. Does pretty good the compatibility the I do like using the Haven or the Pacesetter? I prefer to use it in a standalone, but I have used it with other stuff and had some successes and I've had some failures. I've never had any issues and Standalone applications, but not everybody wants to a standalone but great products, and I'm just learning more and more about them every year.

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