2022 Results and Impressions: Pro Farm - Kelly Garrett

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21 Dec 221 min 9 secPremium Content

Kelly Garrett discusses the

Pro Farm

trials he conducted this season. 

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KG Pro Farm

Hi, this is Kelly Garrett. I'd like to visit with you about a trial we had in Dryland soybeans from the partner. We have maroon bio. Is a new product to us Lee has been using them for a couple years. I think Kevin has as well Haven and Pacesetter two plant Health stress mitigation products from our own bio. This is a great trial as you know, I'm always trying to improve health and stress to make the most of my fertility dollars this trial totaled four and a half bushel yield gain the cost of the trial cost of the applications $14.83 an acre. And so the net result is 46 dollars and 88 cents net gain Roi per acre great trial and soybeans improve the health. You know, I really think we plant the soybeans too thick and so that affects the health, you know, anytime everybody's crowded it the health goes down and we're we're working to improve the health and all of our crops and Haven and Pace that are appeared to be too great products to use to help mitigate stress and improve plant health.

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