2022 Results and Impressions: Pro Farm - Chad Henderson

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21 Dec 220 min 53 secPremium Content

Chad Henderson discusses the

Pro Farm

trials he conducted this season. 

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CH - Pro Farm


Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme Magnum talk about profarm. So this was maroon bow changed her name and now that's where they're at. So Pacesetter emerging Haven, man. These things are becoming a household name around here. So we're starting to use more of these and we're putting them in with our fungicides the additives or in you know, the merging in as a micro pack tap deal, but we just keep testing these more and more. We're seeing great things out of them. If y'all haven't tried these you need to give them a try. You need to look at these folks up. Give them a try. We're putting it on with our fungicides The Haven and the pace Setter and we split them up. So we've had good results title them and looking forward to what these folks gonna keep bringing to the table and really enjoyed working with them. Thank you.

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