2022 Results and Impressions: Pivot Bio - Matt Miles
21 Dec 222 min 23 sec

Matt Miles discusses the nitrogen reduction results of the Pivot Bio Proven40 trials he conducted this season. 

00:00 Hi guys, Matt miles with extreme Ag and I'm giving you a report today on the pivot bio trial that we did this year with extreme 00:09 AG. First of all, I want to tell you that we got a zero. Zero yield. 00:18 increase off the pivot about so in your mind you would think well, if you got a zero, you'll increase why would you why would you apply this product? 00:27 I'm going to tell you why. With that zero yield increase we reduced our nitrogen rates by 20 pounds per acre. So when 00:35 you do the math on what nitrogen calls this year versus the cost of pivot bio. We still come out on the positive side by using 00:44 the pivot bio and reducing our nitrogen rate. So with that positive Roi, you know, that sounds pretty cool. But also we didn't apply 00:53 that nitrogen to the sole. So, you know, there's a lot of pressure, you know, in today's times with agriculture on over applying 01:02 fertilizers or you know, applying things that that, you know, get in the water streams and and cause you know environmentally issue. So if this 01:11 product didn't worth anything at all other than small Roi plus reducing the you know, the amount of nitrogen we 01:20 put out I feel like in my mind that I'm doing the environment some good simply because I'm reducing my 01:26 nitrogen applic. And also presenting a positive Roi at the same time. So this product here with pivot bio to me is a win-win situation of all the products 01:38 we use. You know, we're always looking for this big Roi but with this product if you can get any Ro at all, even if 01:47 it's by reducing your nitrogen applications, then it's a win-win for the environment and the farmer too. So really excited about what we see, you know, 01:57 they're working on new things in the future that's even going to make this thing go a little bit better. So very excited 02:03 about what we see and where we're going forward with pivot bio and my hats off to you for providing a 02:09 product that will you know, sustain yield and also be able to reduce the inputs we put in to help them environment at the 02:18 same time.

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