2022 Results and Impressions: Pentair Hypro Force Field Pump - Kevin Matthews
21 Dec 221 min 0 sec

Kevin Matthews discusses the Pentair Hypro Force Field Pump trial he conducted this season.

00:00 so we put a force field pump on back into back in February March on our haggy sprayer because Pen Air said, 00:09 you know, we need to make sure that this thing's going to drop in, you know, we know it is but we won't you Farmers 00:15 realize how easy it is switches pump out and how good the pump is and lo and behold it was a blessing because when we pulled our 00:24 pump out my impeller was eat up. I had it was very inefficient at that pump was doing I need the pump was going getting weak. 00:33 Well, it took maybe an hour or so and we pulled the old pump out put the new pump in and was up ready to go run. 00:43 14,000 Acres with that sprayer not an ounce of problems whatsoever. The pump was Flawless that worked good, but that 00:52 forcefield pump is a good deal.

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