2022 Results and Impressions: Nachurs - Kevin Matthews

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20 Dec 221 min 43 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the results of his 2022 Nachurs trials.

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Our Nature's corn trials we had corn and soybeans. The corn trial we actually did a whole block so we didn't we've been using these products and we're going this is an NCGA. On an irrigated field two irrigated Fields actually and we pretty well loaded at it. and we had a Bad herbicide injury we got hold of a bad product at our fee for V3 post and at V4 the corner pretty tough. We started throw the towel in and then we said now let's let's see what we can do to fix help alter the soften the blow make it not so bad. So we we went pretty hard at it. Does good I will say the finish line product is a grower standard for us on corn and soybeans when we're in reproductive stages. We're trying to fill that grain set that is Absolutely a great product for us these products we test was hemaflex first down crop Max rise a link K fuse it works Keflex. It works. I mean it just works the Sideswipe playing with it. I like it. Putting some combinations out there. We'll see how it does soybeans or triple option eight gallons acre. Total fertility put two by two on soybeans. Very economical very sustainable. Just a great product.

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