2022 Results and Impressions: Intergize - Shield - Nachurs K-Fuel - Kelly Garrett

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20 Dec 222 min 59 secPremium Content

Kelly Garrett discusses the tiered trials he conducted with






 K-Fuel this season. 

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Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg here to talk to you about a very involved trial for corn that we put on at tassel. Our grower standard practice is of course Fungicide and insecticide. We applied a portion of the field with just that the grower standard practice. Then we added energize which is our reproductive pgr from integrated AG Solutions. And it paid off very nicely the cost of treatment here is 23 dollars and 55 cents per acre. It added 31.57 bushel. Huge gain. 203 dollars and 89 cents net money So again grower standard practice, then grower standard practice plus energize then to that we added Shield which is a stress mitigation product from integrated AG Solutions. We had a huge gain with that in our post corn and here we had a gain but it still wasn't but it wasn't as much four dollars to add the shield and it added $8 at that money over top the energize. So it is a three to one return, you know, there's four dot we we spent four dollars and we got 12 back. We only got back about two bushel. But again, that's a three to one return. I would suspect that if we would put the shield in before the energized The Shield would have paid off more but you know at the end of the day it really doesn't matter. Oh, we're gaining and making bushels and making money. So Gore standard practice added energize added Shield two positive results, then we added K fuel from Nature's. And this paid off very nicely the cost here is $8 an acre for the K Fuel and it returned. 9 bushel which is About a $52 return net money per acre really nice return on these all three products again a big a big trial very involved trial with three different products added at different times a lot of times, you know, when we're going out. We're not just putting on one product. We're putting on what we call a system. I think that's important for everybody to understand a trial like this where we're adding three products really means more to me than just one product because it's real world. It's what we're gonna go do so overall all three products or a cost of $35 per acre. We added a total of 42.4 bushel. For 265.49 net money huge game huge game replicated three times and I feel really good about this data. And you know, I did this kind of application is pretty much grower standard practice for us on our farm, but we wanted to break it down and show what every product made and I'm just I'm really happy the way it turned out.

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