2022 Results and Impressions: Integra Seed - Matt Miles
21 Dec 221 min 34 sec

Matt Miles discusses the

Integra Seed trials he conducted this season. 

00:00 Hi guys, this is Matt miles. I just want to do a quick report on the on Integra corn seed 00:06 with this our second year trying the Integra seed, you know, and there's a lot of big players out there in the corn seed Market now and you know, 00:16 two years in a row Integris really proved to be a very stable company with varieties 00:25 that work in the mid South their varieties have held their own with, you know, all the different varieties that we use here in 00:34 the South with the heat. We have we've been very impressed. The stock Health the stalks 00:40 drinks good the stock health is good, you know, we walk the fields this year prior to harvest and we could tell that we're gonna have a pretty 00:49 decent crop. It actually ended up in the top. I don't know two or three varieties of what we planted this year at a more affordable cost and 00:58 then some of the ones that Maybe did a little better. So when you do the math on Integra and you know where they stood as far 01:06 as yield on our farm and the positive Roi that we have they were right there with everybody else. So, you know two years in a 01:15 rows are pretty good sign that you know, that's something you may want to look at on a larger amount of acreage and 01:21 we'll definitely do that this year so very impressed with what we've seen the last two years and excited about what the future holds

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