2022 Results and Impressions: Integra Seed - Kevin Matthews

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21 Dec 221 min 5 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the

Integra Seed trials he conducted this season. 

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KM - Integra

Integrity just as a couple years now. We've been doing some corn variety trials with them and trying to find that variety to get into right acreage so we can expand those units to see if we want to dry land product dry land trials before this year said. Hey, let's do a irrigated trial. Man, everything look good A little behold. We got nine inches of rain right after we're playing it and it was disaster. So we towed up and completely replanted it in late June. and Pretty impressive. We actually is 65-33. We use it 300 bushels. on a replant pretty impressive right there. So really looking forward now next year to seeing, you know, we're fine tuning in there trying to find that good disease package that good high yield and and that good environment to put that Variety in. I always like a minimum of two years performance on a variety before I put it on very many acres of my farm.

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