2022 Results and Impressions: Grower Standard Practices - Kelly Garrett
17 Dec 221 min 28 sec

Kelly Garrett discusses the products that have become part of his grower standard practice year-over-year, including FMC's Xyway, Agricen's AccomplishMax and Integra Seed.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG here to talk to you about our standard practices. 00:05 You know, we make a lot of videos talking about our trials different things like that to show you the yield gain in the ROI, you know, that's 00:11 the job of extreme AG. but I've got products from three companies that I don't have trials on because they become standard practice and there's 00:20 no bigger compliment that I could give to a product and just saying I want to use it on every acre on my farm. It just works that well for us those products are 00:29 from FMC would be ethos the insecticide that we use ziway the planner applied fungicide that we put in our two by two accomplished Max 00:39 from agerson. We take plant health and plant stress very seriously. That's why we put ziway in the two by two and that's 00:45 why we put accomplished Max in Fertile on every acre of corn and beans. And the last product to talk to you about that's become standard practice is the 00:53 corn from Integra. The hybrids that we get from there like 6061 and 6811. We plant those on a tremendous amount 01:01 of Acres. I sometimes worry that I I plan on too many acres and I got to have Mike Evans dial me back. But all of these products that we've talked about ethos xiway 01:10 accomplished Max 6811 from Integris 6061 from Integra those products are tried and true here and we continue to use them on every farm and I'm sorry, but I 01:22 don't conduct trials because they're a standard practice.

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