2022 Results and Impressions: FMC Xyway - Kevin Matthews

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21 Dec 221 min 30 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the

FMC Xyway trials he conducted this season. 

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So this is our second year with FMC and last year. I didn't think that allow me to work for him again after the disaster I had with the ziway. So this year I put it in the tuba two and it worked. Fabulous. I was very very pleased with it. Excellent tremendous yields. We had a bad disease year this year. I also used that product in Furrow with the capstan select shot. and you probably heard me talk about that on capstan. It's a piece. It's a system you put on your planter, but it will work in Furrow like that and it's putting it two inches away from the seed. So that's always is getting on more and more Acres of ours. It's one more year if I get your results in 2023, I did in 2022. It's probably going to be a grower standard practice across Alma corn Acres. Soybeans we working with them on a product because INR hope I say it correctly this a biological. and Need one more year with it, but I will say we did get a positive Roi on it this year. and it was no issues in using the product. It went well worked out good.

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