2022 Results and Impressions: Estes Concaves - Matt Miles
21 Dec 221 min 48 sec

Matt Miles talks about his experience with Estes Performance Concaves.

00:00 Matt miles was extreme Ag and I just wanted to talk to you a little bit today about the Estes concaves. You know, I have a people a lot of times ask me. 00:09 You know, what's something I can do to improve my my efficiency or my Roi or you know, 00:15 what? What was some main things I can do on my farm to you know in to increase my revenue and one of the things I always go to when 00:24 we're talking about corn. It's specifically is the Estus concave, you know, we've been using these things now for several years. 00:34 You can run faster. You can put more bushels in your tank. Your your grain is going to be cleaner and you're gonna have less on 00:43 the ground. And I mean when you when you figure all that up, you know, you can go anywhere you want to 00:49 with as far as Roi on that but you know from efficiency to you know, speed of harvest if you you know down here where we're at the Hurricanes 00:58 coming here regularly. So, you know, if you're if you get two more days of harvest and you would if you didn't have 01:06 You know prior to a hurricane that can be huge monetarily, you know, there's no way to put a number on it. So I just wanted to kind of 01:15 give a a report on Estes and what we think about those we're still going to we're still running on their continually improving them. We can't we 01:24 can't find anything OEM or any other aftermarket concave that will do the job that Essence does. So if you 01:33 want to concave or you want to run faster you want to be able to run faster and keep the Grain in a tank and have a good sample. Estus is 01:42 a place you need to go.

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