2022 Results and Impressions: Estes Concaves - Kevin Matthews
21 Dec 220 min 57 sec

Kevin Matthews talks about his experience with Estes Performance Concaves.

00:00 Estes concaves they the bomb they I don't care to run a combine without them. You don't have to take the separate separator to 00:11 concaves grades, none of that stuff in the separator system. You do not have to take it out and switch when you go from wheat to Corn soybeans, whatever you 00:20 got some filler plates you can put on there if you need them. The grain qualities amazing. The 00:26 Lost par acre is It makes it makes a combine great. I mean, it's cool. But I've got them in all mine the concaves and separator grades. 00:38 I prefer to have the whole package. They do a fabulous job and nothing but good things. We got some with a lot of 00:47 Acres on them and they're the durability and holding up on them has been fabulous.

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