2022 Results and Impressions: Concept Agritek - Matt Miles

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21 Dec 224 min 26 secPremium Content

Matt Miles discusses the results of his 2022

Concept Agritek


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MM - Concept Agritek

Hi guys, this is Matt miles and I wanted to talk to you today about some Trower travel results. We got through extreme AG for concept Agate concert of agrotech is a company that I've been working with for for several years even prior to extreme AGS Inception and we've been we've been noticing a yield difference as we started using different products. They have cool thing is they're always improving their products coming out with new products that that we can use in different areas, you know, sometimes the Delta Mid-South is harder to get a a positive response on some product. So they've been really concentrating there on you know, trying to give us some products that will produce a positive Roi this year was the third. Hottest June and July on record I think in Arkansas. So a lot of our soybean trials that we had with extreme AG, you know ended up not not really showing a positive yield or Roi to one and I was really excited with what we got from concept Agate because we actually did show a positive response. You know, what soybeans it at 13 to 15 dollars. Don't take a lot of bushels to to, you know, increase your Roi and so this year we had two trials on on Extreme AG with concept of agartek one being a bio Hill bio health and Sweet Success at a two rate application that picked up seven bushels floors, which was probably I know it was the the biggest positive year response. We had in soybeans this year, you know with the heat and stuff that we had. We also did one application of cowboy which is Like they have that's a calcium a boron mix. We got a two and a half bushel increase on that. These were replicated trials across the field. So, you know, it wasn't just a good spot in the field or a bad spot in the field. So we were pretty pretty pumped with the results. We got on these also did one on corn or did a couple of corn we did the bio health and Sweet Success on a field two times and we got a two and a half bushel increase on the corn. Also did just a straight-up infer a fertilizer total fast. We did that across the field 12 rows at a time man. We probably replicated that I don't know 20 times across a Hundred Acre field and ended up with a seven bushel increase there. So pretty excited about what we've seen there that was just in for a fertilized by itself wasn't any additives to that and then the big one for us. We feel like this year was our was our cotton plot. We've we've been playing and dabbling with Concept agatex infer program on cotton and also their folio program that goes with that and this year we did a complete systems approach on that. We did an infer of their starter 2020 with a micropac and the carbon RX which is a humid fulvic blend come back with two shots of bio health and Sweet Success on that and got a 92 pound increase against the check on on the Cotton. So with cotton prices where they are today, that was absolutely a no-brainer we spent, you know in the $50 range and picked up, you know in the $90 range. So almost the two to one return on the investment there next year with Council bagger take we'll probably do the majority of our cotton Farm, you know of our cotton acres in grower standard practice with With that with that plan because it just seems to work. That's not the first year we've tested it and we like what we see. So a lot of new things coming all the time with them. They've got a really good group of people that they've got the agronomists of salesman the owner of the company that are all very knowledgeable in the products that they use and I think the sky's the limit for what we'll see from them in the future and doing very good being very successful with that what they've had so far.

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