2022 Results and Impressions: Concept Agritek - Chad Henderson
21 Dec 220 min 59 sec

Chad Henderson discusses the results of his 2022

Concept Agritek


00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme egg and we'll talk to you just a minute about some concept of agritate. 00:06 We done some infer stuff and then we come on with some foliers and and we just we just had a good time with it. Now. We don't have any good data, and that's 00:15 Not really my fault not his fault, but it is a weather condition phone, you know the cornfield that we've done it in May a little less than 50 bushel the 00:24 acre and you just want him draft Drive years and a dry spot on the farm that we done it with. It was about a 20 Acre Farm. And so that's 00:33 where we ended up. But now what we did enjoy using and what we did like was the compatibility with a total fast product we 00:42 use infer and we're real anxious to try and looking at it again and plus the sweet fullback that they come up with this 20 ounce rate, and I 00:51 really enjoyed it. So look for great things out of those two products for me.

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