2022 Results and Impressions: Capstan Ag Systems - Lee Lubbers
20 Dec 221 min 27 sec

Lee Lubbers discusses the

Capstan Ag

 SelectShot trials he conducted on his planter this season.

00:00 Hey everybody, this Lee Loopers extreme egg from Gregory, South Dakota. This year we added on the capstanag select 00:07 shot system onto one of our 24o planters. And we ran it all the way through corn planting. And we did not plant any soybeans with it because the 00:20 system is designed to put a specified shot with the scene. So with our spacing that's the goal that we're looking for and we 00:29 did get a deal gain out of it. We went into a field. I planted almost all the field. My brother came in and filled in 00:38 a hundred and twenty feet need one complete round and we're running basically side by side. Same down for same speed same hybrid. 00:47 Same starter blend everything the only difference. What's the select shot? We did see yield increase very encouraging this 00:56 year being in a drought. We're going to work more with the system trying to increase the functionality of it and get it 01:05 where we can move the burst. Behind the scene and experiment with some more products. So we will keep playing with it from 2023 01:14 and expand our trials with it and see how we hold up in the terms of consistency.

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