2022 Results and Impressions: BASF - Kevin Matthews

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21 Dec 223 min 57 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the


 fungicide and pre-emerge trials he conducted this season. 

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Serbia SF trials this year was we did a fungicide trial and we also did you a pro with a pre-emerged trial to see how that pre-emerged would work and dropping out a post and also seeing how it worked in combination with the post and in combination with opposed it works great. I mean, there's no question about it. Is this excellent for a residual control keeping a good clean soybean field now, we also used it without a post to see because it's pretty expensive. So we wanted to see how we can get it economic return on it and if it could hold off the claim was it they felt like it could so we put it in a very low pressure environment double crop had a good heavy Matt of wheat straw on there then put our soybeans in and it was clean. It was no yield differences that we did not have have any weeds any invasive species that we had to come in and clean up, but I'm still not For doing that with our pigweed and our Myers tail situations that we have but did it work absolutely it did work and that is pretty economical when you can drop that post out. But and also your dicam was and all so our BASF fungicide trials. We always we we have to use fungicide here. There's just no way around it. But we do like to see how it's taxed up against others and which is going to be the most economical and we do have Farms that are lighter pressure than others, but they all have pressure but something's real real bad a some and I own corn for instance. I'm going to use veltema 110% of the time. That's just what I'm going to use. It's three mode action. It's got a little more goodies in it and it's just a good insurance policy for me. And usually I'm trying to cure and prevent at the same time because we have disease but then I got these fields where headline ant works great. I save a little money so we actually Had a comparison on a field and we had headline amp versus at 14 ounces versus veal team at 10 ounces and the headline amp actually was a little bit better yield than the valtima. But then when you look at the soil types and really put Apples to Apples the the differences in soil types the veiltima was on the tougher. So it was on the dryer soil more droughty Sandy or so, you wouldn't expect it to yield as good as the good part of the field where the headline was used but it still shows it both products do a great job. So our soybean fungicide trial would be as if was Ravi Tech versus approach Prima approach Primus Dupont product. It's a dual mode action revitations multimist triple mode three mode action. One of the latest greatest fungicides. We like it. We've had good success out of it for several years. What rates we ran 9.8 ounces of the revvy tech I've got here on my screen results six ounces of the approach Prima and this year we've seen no. Response, I mean no differences in it. And so you're gonna say well approached prima's a little more economical than BSF but then I can take you out to the next field and we actually had some pretty good disease that got away from us on the approach pretty much at six ounce rates where the revitec held so in our environment, we still favor the revitec product. It's just proven now. I have played with rates and doubled the rate to 12 ounces on approach Prima in those real real tough environments and they do pretty good. But the revitic is more economical at that point when you start putting that kind of cost out, but hey, we got to play.

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