2022 Results and Impressions: BASF - Kelly Garrett

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21 Dec 221 min 31 secPremium Content

Kelly Garrett discusses the BASF Revytek trials he conducted this season. 

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Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG here to talk to you about fungicide. We conducted a trial on our farm of rebatech from BASF versus a generic just to check and see is the quality of revtech really more than the generic and on our farm. We take plant Health very seriously. We apply fungicide on every acre with the planter. So it'd be even tougher in my opinion for a product like revotech to show a gain over a generic because we've already got that protection out there. And I see a lot of talk on social media about is fungicide necessary this year. Is it worth it at all or the diseases out there things like that again? I take plant Health very seriously. I think it's necessary 99% of the time and this trial proves it. revotech versus the generic return five bushel for a Roi of $16 an acre, which is not huge. I understand. However, when you consider, it wasn't a year a great disease and we had protection out there already from the planner applied fungicide. I think that this trial speaks volumes. I think that it would have been 15 or 20 bushel at least would have been the different yield gain different in this trial had we not had the plan or applied fungicide out there, which is a bit of a rare thing for most Growers River Tech is a great product and approved it again here today.

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