2022 Results and Impressions: AgXplore - Matt Miles

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20 Dec 222 min 31 secPremium Content

Matt Miles discusses the


trials he conducted this season. 

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Hi guys, this is Matt miles with extreme Ag and I just wanted to talk to you a little bit today about the results. We had from an AG Explorer trial or lab that we did this year. AG explorers are coming that I've been working with, you know off and on for several years the last couple years. We've been working with them pretty heavy. And you know, we got some pretty good results last year with some products we used. So this year we decided to do what we call an extreme AG lab which is multiple applications kind of systems approach to to the Explorer product line. We need a we did a trial on corn this year. We had four applications with that trial it included Inferno octane prevent an experimental product and then they have their own micronutrients, you know their version of the micronutrients. So we use some sulfur some more on some potassium and Some other you know what we call pgr. So which is onward Max also in that in that system. So we did a complete systems approach that took us through the whole year. Like I said, it was four different apps. We you know was relatively easy to put those out because you always piggy back onto something else. So we ended up with a 13 bushel increase on the corn looked at it all year could see a different from from the word go from the from the first emperor application to you know till we got to the end we could we could see a difference between a check and and the plot so we knew there was going to be you know, some substance. All right, we'll edit that. We knew there was gonna be some substantial differences just by what we were seeing on the ears the girth of the ear, you know a little bit more kernels a little bit more, you know a little bit, you know, someone was more rounds. I'm almost longer kernels, but we can just tell all year that it was going to be pretty stout. So we enjoy working with ag Explorer. They've got some great products and they've always got new products coming out one of the products we used this year. You know, as I said is an experimental so we'll get to see more about that as we go but anyway had positive results and was pretty proud of what we've seen will definitely use some more next year and we'll see what the future holds

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