2022 Results and Impressions: AgXplore - Lee Lubbers
20 Dec 221 min 52 sec

Lee Lubbers discusses the


trials he conducted this season. 

00:00 Hey everybody. This is Lee lubbers an extreme AG from Gregory, South Dakota. 00:04 this year we did a foliar trial and full Air Trials were very tough this year 2022 was 00:15 2012 on steroids when it comes to drought and we did numerous foliar trials and it I believe that it held 00:24 a lot of the products back from their potential. One of them has seen to even Excel even in this dry year was a two-pass program from AG 00:33 Explorer. We applied it in the BT stages before our before reproductive and we applied three products in 00:43 one pass. Came back in 10 days later on the exact 40 acres and overlaid the other three products. 00:51 And in that field is a small Sandy Ridge that cuts through it. And that totally burned up all the way across the field 00:59 but on both sides of it. yield was way up and you can pick it out like a Beacon on the yield map. It's dark green 01:09 in that 40 acres except for that Ridge that everything burned up on because we're so densely dry. So 01:15 very encouraging where we applied a combination of pgr's then we're specifically tailored to be applied then and pull 01:24 their micros and it seemed to work it helped in stress mitigation and ultimately that came through and helped using yield. So we 01:33 saw a yield increase very encouraging Love to try the program when it actually rains, so it paid well this year and I'd like 01:43 to see it in 2023 when hopefully we'll get normal precipitation.

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