2022 Results and Impressions: AgXplore - Chad Henderson

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20 Dec 221 min 26 secPremium Content

Chad Henderson discusses the


trials he conducted this season. 

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Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme mag. And we're gonna talk a little bit about Aggies floor. So we had a real good year with ag Explorer products this time. We were going we started having one of them actually one of our ncgas with actually with was with Aggie explore products it done pretty good. We'll see come December 15th how good it done but we stuck around there pretty good, but I want to on a side note the products worked. Well, they accomplished what we needed to accomplish can't say enough good about octane, you know, we can use it. We use it on our yard, I think but octane works great in the programs that we use and and we really enjoy using that the prevent NXT. We're good. We're saying good results out of it and they're all so got several other products. I'm not gonna list them all because I try them all I've seen like but we had you know, we had good luckily it when we run our wheat and talking about the wheat way to show up. We'll use a good bit onward. We use our own word on our corn. So there's several products. Multiple products that work good that we've seen good Roi out of they're just good sound people and good sound products to work through but with really you enjoy using agates for products this time. We really enjoyed the people and the conversation and agronomics from them as well. So look forward to things that's come from this group and Hang out there's gonna be a good ride.

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