2022 Results and Impressions: Agrotech USA - Matt Miles

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20 Dec 223 min 22 secPremium Content

Matt Miles discusses the results of the

Agrotech USA

 trials he conducted this season.  Nutricharge

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MM - Agrotech

This is Matt miles coming to you from extreme AG with some pretty exciting news on our agrotech USA trials this year. A couple of years ago. One of our big limiting factors in corn is getting the phosphorus uptake into the end of the plant here in the Delta and we look for several years for a product that can do that and kind of stumbled on Agate USA through some University work that they had done in North Carolina State and decided to try the product. So that would have been year before last when we started. So we tried the product year before last several different places ended up with an eight bushel positive response to our corn five to six percent more phosphorous and our tissue samples. So, you know, we we fell into a situation there where we we thought was you know gonna, you know, be real big deal for so this past year. We went grower standard practice with a Nutri charge and what it does is Unbound the phosphorus from the soul to allow it to go into the plant. We still did trials. We did a trial on Cotton corn and soybeans or some are trials on Cotton Corner soybeans and this year we ended up with a four bushel average across the board on our corn trials now, I don't sound like a lot but I mean four bushels that at six even at six dollars is 24 dollars the price the product's going around somewhere around the $5 an acre range so easy math to do this was probably the Third hottest summer we've had so to come out of there with a four bushel increase with the neutral charge. We were happy with that got a bush on the half on soybeans, you know, that's that don't seem like a lot either but multiply that times 14 bushel and and again it's easy to do the math. But something that we were pretty excited about is we did a cotton trial and ended up with 32 pounds on our cotton. So not only does the Nutri charge work in the corner soybeans, but also for old Cotton farmer like me it showed out pretty good too kind running around, you know. 80 cents at minimum, you know, you're looking at a minimum of $24 an acre gross return with a five dollar an acre investment. So each each commodity or each, you know crop we put it on is really, you know, really turned turn to go for us. They've also got some other products with that that do the same thing that you can use with a dry fertilizer program if you're dry. So either liquid or dry to one they can service your needs. Temple did some extra work with the Y drops putting it in fire, which is a normal way. We've been doing it with a neutral charge. And then he came back with the application of with the wide drop and really showed out there. So that's going to be something we're going to look at pretty heavy this year. If I could really, you know, if I was going to recommend two or three products to you that I think are basically, you know, foolproof neutral charge would be one of them. So, you know, we're excited about next year. We're going around some more cotton tests around some more Bean tests. And again, it will be grower standard practice on the corn with some some pretty major Acres of, you know, a second application with with a wide drop.

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