2022 Results and Impressions: Agrotech USA - Kevin Matthews

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20 Dec 221 min 53 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the results of the

Agrotech USA

 trials he conducted this season.  Nutricharge

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Km - Agrotech USA

So with agrotechusa, we've got our neutral charge product. can't say much more than that's just a grower standard for us all the way across all our acreage. Typically you're in year out see a six bushel yield increase on corn with it. We're playing with it on soybeans as well. We know it works on soybeans, but with our tender trailer set up it kind of limits us on how often or the ease ability of caring in for a product. We're making some changes on our planner this winter and we will be doing try to make it a little more user friendly. So when you get a lot more in for our stuff out there and then the neutral charge will be used on every acre. I believe in enough. I've done got a pallet of it on the way done about it for next year great product. Fosterous is a problem. We have getting into the plants of our souls and it just absolutely works. That's I can't say enough about it. We're around 3.2 ounces acre, very low rate easy to use not a lot of stuff carry on truck easy in as a is a nitrogen stabilizer product that we tried this time. It's the first time I've ever used it. We just did it in a plot. We ended up with a little over three and a half bushel. Advantage where that was used. It was 200 plus bushel environment corn dry land on irrigated. and I can't tell if it's economical or not. I hadn't seen the price on the product but I will say that these these nitrogen stabilizers has always really showed a little bit of a benefit for us. Sometimes the cost of the product outweighs the benefit but 90% of the time it makes Shield so pretty good product easy to use.

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