2022 Results and Impressions: Agrotech USA - Kelly Garrett

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20 Dec 221 min 47 secPremium Content

Kelly Garrett discusses the results of the

Agrotech USA

 trials he conducted this season.  Nutricharge

Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg. I like to visit with you about my trial that we where we put Nutri charge inferral in our corn. Temple Kevin Chad Matt have all seen great things with neutral charge. We wanted to try it here. We thought it had great potential here and it's really showed out again, like our other trials. We replicated this one three times. Yeah, the cost of treatment of neutral charge is four and a half dollars per acre and we return 16 dollars and 64 cents for a net return of a hundred eight dollars and 67 cents. Great trial. I mean 25 to one almost 22 to one return on your money nutria charge is a product from agrotech and it's advertised to break the bonds in your soil between calcium and phosphorus. And in our soil here in Western, Iowa, we have too much calcium. It's a base saturation problem. It's a yield penalty problem. And so that's why I felt that neutral charge showed such great potential because anything that we can do to break that calcium bond is going to provide a yield benefit was the theory and it works great, you know, the the plant food byproduct. I spray part of the reason that that is so attractive is the elemental sulfur that's in it that helps break that calcium Bond and this is just the next step in that Evolution to do that 16 and a half bushel for four and a half dollars. That's pretty phenomenal and I expect that that these gains will continue because of this product and what it's advertised to do Temple has seen great things in this tissue samples as as have all the rest of the guys. I can't imagine that neutral charge here won't become grow or standard practice.

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