2022 Results and Impressions: Agroliquid - Matt Miles

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19 Dec 223 min 32 secPremium Content

Matt Miles discusses the


 trials he conducted this season. 

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MM - Agroliquid

This year with extreme AG. We we developed a new testing program for our sponsors just to give them a another opportunity or another way to to use their products on our Farms large larger scale acres and do replicated trials and that's called an extreme AG layout and so we did one of those this year on Cotton for agric liquids. and what it was was a 40 acre strip and we did 10 acres with with you know, four 10 acre. application rates or application timings for for this lab And this year, you know aggregors want to look kind of look at more. What a what a normal farmer, you know might be able to use or would use in a situation. You know, that that you can kind of piggyback products on and not you know, not really do something that that took an extra trip. So we had four ten acres strips on our cotton plus our grower standard practice. And so the first the first trip was just a full book only in Furrow and then the other three had different products kind of stacked in there from you know, the full week plus the capitalized plus the farter rain and then in the number four trial which was the you know, the probably the most expensive one that we did of the fourth had the Boron attitude to and we did this a different growth stages from infero then Pinhead Square first picks application and so on and A good return got a good Roi to each one of them. I mean the number one trial was was 39 pounds with just a full week. Only cotton was running somewhere around the 90 Cent range this year. So definitely an Roi on that one number two and three they kind of set in there to 72 to 70 pound range and then number four which had all the products together. Which had all the products together plus the Boron was an 88 pound increase in Cotton. So we've seen this as extreme AG evolved, you know, as we started trying to push these cotton plants with infurrows and different kind of folio fertilizers that cotton plant is one thing that really seems to seems to take that up. So, you know, we struggle sometimes with beans getting some of these products to work every now and then we'll corn but cotton is is really a it's really surprised us since we started this program at you know, you can just about throw anything there on a cotton that Agri liquid has and you'll get some kind of positive return on that. So we really appreciate Agri liquids and what they do, they've got a great portfolio very clean fertility, you know you for you for the chemicals out there jokes when you enter the job the jokes why so, you know, we're really excited about that and we we really enjoyed you know, This trial main thing is it made money and that's what everything's about today is making money positive Roi so really excited about what we've seen there. Hopefully next year. We'll get to trial, you know, some of the same things on cotton and see what comes out from there, but we really really had a good time doing what we what we've done here and Look forward to the future.

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