2022 Results and Impressions: Agroliquid - Kevin Matthews

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19 Dec 222 min 1 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the


 trials he conducted this season. 

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KM AgroLiquid Trials

So on our Agri liquids, we do a lab for those guys and it's very intense. We'll do a 40 acre plot. And then we do additional 40 acre plot and an additional 40 acre plots. We have 135 Acres of research that we do on this farm for Agri liquids. It's under drip irrigation, very intense very high yield management and we're exploring with different things to try to find that right combination. So you guys can really make it shine we had on our corn plot this time. We had some equipment issues and it affected the outcome of the yield. I was not happy about that. So we was in the low too. It was in the mid 280s to low 300s on yields. We really disappointed on that on corn. I realize that's a good yield but you got to keep in mind a pH on this Farm is a little over 300 for irrigated, but we learned a lot and we're looking forward. To using more of those products next year the key the most noticeable key thing that I see take away from agric liquids is compatibility and user friendliness and ease a mixing everything mixes and does great on the soybean trial. We this is the first year using the Agri liquids as a primary fertilizer soybeans. And so we're doing a little playing. I had Stephanie either lead agronomists. She come up with some mixtures and different formulas pretty pretty impressive. What we've seen we was into low 100 bushel range on the soybeans. So everything worked. Well the the cast of The liberate calcium something that's really standing out for us. We're always needing calcium in our souls. We're low calcium High mag here, but products work pretty Diagon good.

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