2022 Results and Impressions: Agroliquid - Kelly Garrett

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19 Dec 222 min 0 secPremium Content

Kelly Garrett discusses the


 trials he conducted this season.  LiberateCa

KG - Agroliquid

Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg. I would like to share with you results from a trial where we applied calcium liberate CA to be specific from Agro liquid inferral in my highly managed. Irrigated bottom here between my house and Shop. Incredibly surprising trial. We took our grower standard practice out, which is our NP and K. And we added liberate only, you know with our other biology and stuff, but we took all the mp8k out put liberate CA in. The cost of the trial was $34 an acre cost of the treatment or application $34 an acre. We added 10.24 bushel. We added $77.88 per acre, which is incredibly exciting, you know, kind of validates what we've talked about with Jason Sly when he said that calcium is probably our biggest yield deficiency. I think he's probably true. It's frustrating here in Western, Iowa with our base saturation so high on calcium, it's frustrating to have all that calcium in the soil, but it's not available to the plant liberate gives us the ability to get some calcium into the plant early get a good start off things like that. And I really believe that this will probably have a bigger yield gain the tougher the environment, you know, this is a highly managed irrigated area. So I would assume that more fertility is available to the plant but in normal production out, you know dry land. I got to think that we would have a bigger net positive here, you know the yield this corn ended up making 325. and I got to think that you know, if you get into an area where the corns are making 160 or 170 at a tough environment, you're probably gonna have a bigger yield gain with the calcium because it because of the tougher environment is in and liberate will become grower standard practice for us more than likely because it really needs to be added to our program.

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